INDS Data Manager

INDS Data Manager 3.4

Downloads and programs your INDS services while managing your account

The INDS Data Manager (IDM) application is a powerful data delivery tool that allows you to download and program your INDS services, while managing your account. With IDM, you can drag and drop services for one-step programming, subset your terminal charts to meet space constraints, organize your aircraft, and view detailed information about your services. IDM is quick and easy to use.

INDS Data Manager (IDM) provides a consolidated tool that incorporates smart NavData and chart loader functionality, as well as other data types like obstacle and terrain data. IDM offers numerous features that allow you to effectively and efficiently manage your data updates and transfer the data to required removable media for use on your Primus Epic INAVTM, Primus ApexTM, or Primus EliteTM system.

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